Cappuccino Art

Cappuccino Art

The technique of cappuccino art / latte art is very popular. Often still adorn the cocoa syrup or cocoa and pictures are completed by using sticks or skewers. This decorating can be similarly used in the preparation of other beverages that are made from coffee.

Latte art is a method for the preparation of cappuccino (or another beverage from espresso and milk foam), when using pouring milk in a cappuccino creates different patterns and shapes.

Latte art may be formed in two ways, the first is called the free pour and the second is called etching.

Free pour means creating a picture with pouring milk in espresso. Fine motions are creating desired ornament. This process is quite complex and are dominated by the best baristas only. There is also Baristas World Championship.

Etching is drawing a picture with toppings or cocoa directly on the white froth of cappuccino. It can be formed by using templates, toothpicks and other tools, depending only on barista’s imagination.

A key prerequisite for application technique latte art is espresso with a thick, dark Creme surface. The resulting effect affects the shape and size of the cup (a larger cup simplifies the creation of more details). Whipped milk should be smooth and creamy. It is recommended to use a pot with a spout (especially for creating complex shapes). One of the fundamental and easily feasible shapes is an apple. Hold a cup of espresso slightly tilted and from a height of about 2 in pour the milk (right in the middle). Once the level is about 0.5 in below the rim of the cup, pinch pot to the cup, tilt it more and pour it in more froth at once.